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Little Lamb Nursery School

Super Sports/Games Galore!

BOATG will offer specialized sessions Little Lamb proving a FUN, safe, and positive learning environment for children of all abilities, with a focus of developing kids motor skills through creative movement and introductory sport.

Classes are age appropriate and conducted in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. For the youngest kids, team sports and similar activities can be difficult. This is why we offer "Lead-Up Games", creative movement and a variety of other alternatives to traditional sports. For older groups, we begin to focus on team building exercises, non-competitive games and some specific sport rules and instructions.

Regardless of the age group, our programs ensure the improvement of motor skills, coordination and confidence.  We at BAOTG are leaders at intro to sports!

Little Lamb Winter 2020

NOTE:  This is for members of Little Lamb Nursery School only.

Date:  Starts  March 12, 2020 for 8 weeks
Fee:  Toddler $40, Per-K $80

The Registration "Little Lamb Nursery School" is not currently available.