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Creative Movements

Preschool Mission

Provide a FUN, safe, and positive learning environment for children of all abilities, with a focus of developing kids motor skills through creative movement and sport.

Preschool Philosophy

We work to develop your child’s gross motor skills through creative movement and sports by fostering a safe and fun atmosphere that develops their tactical, technical, physical, and psychological/social abilities.  We provide the highest level of professional coaching and training, whose focus is developing confident children. We believe teaching children the value of physical fitness and collaboration at a young age instills healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

About Creative Movements

Creative Movements  - BOATG offers specialized sessions at your child's school, day care, or community center. Classes are age appropriate and conducted in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. For the youngest kids, team sports and similar activities can be difficult. This is why we offer "Lead-Up Games" and a variety of other alternatives to traditional sports. For older groups, we begin to focus on team building exercises and specific sport rules and instructions. Regardless of the age group, our programs ensure the improvement of motor skills, coordination and confidence.

Physical Activities - We also spend much of the time teaching fun physical activities, which often do not require specific sport skills. This allow children to express themselves and learn through their own spatial awareness, as well as improve fine and gross motor skills. Activities include:

Creative Movement Obstacle Courses
Team Building Exercises Tag Games
Relay Races Dance Games
Hip Hop Dance Children's Yoga
Parachute Non-Competitive Games


Sports Lead-Up Games:  Team sports and specific skills can be too much for younger children. That is why we introduce new sports and games through Sport Lead-up games.

Sport Lead-Up games use one or more of the skills, rules or strategies of a particular sport. Rather than just starting them off right into games without feeling comfortable, we gradually introduce these sports with modified games. This is a great way to develop a child's skills and confidence. The Sport Lead-up games can be modified for almost any sport or game and the possibilities are endless and lots of fun! We offer Lead-up games for sports such as:

Soccer Hockey
Lacrosse Bowling
Baseball Football
Basketball Volleyball
Golf Tennis and more


Free Trial and More Information

For more information on how we can help you or for a free trail class contact Brian Kelly!

Brian Kelly

Founder and CEO